Lady Bunt



Welcome at my page. I am a german moneygoddess, who will educate you, to become her Cashslut! I live out my moneyfetish really delighted and will manipulate you, as I see it fit. You are already hooked up by my attitude and with my voice and my aura I will drive you into complete willingness. It will be easy for me to burn myself deep into your brain and your soul will become addicted to me. My psycological knowledge ist only a further advantage of my royal personality.

Financial capability make me extremly hot and is a prerequisite, that I demand from you. A lion also doesn´t surround herself with sheeps and only derserves the BEST! I do not care, how you get me my money, wether you max out your creditcard or you get into dispo on your bankacount. The more I get from you, the greedier I become. In that case I will bring us both to a new, unknown level. Anyway which fetish you have, I will combine yours with mine, like there could be nothing different. You will learn to love your new guidance and thank me for it, thank me to extend your small horizon.

Also former dominant males get weak and want to lay down the world to my feet. This idea arouses you and it starts to prickle? You want also to submit to me and become part of my life?