Lady Bunt


* ROYAL - royal, sublime, venerable & majestic !! *

A word whose synonyms I identify with! I love beautiful, luxurious decor, make me a home that underlines my royality. All the best quality and a good mix of styles, which shows different facets. Facets that reflect my personality. However, the most important thing at home is the body which needs and deserves the best care! I like to wrap myself in beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories. For which you, cunt, will grab deep in the bag for this! Beauty, fashion, wellness and interior design are a big part of my interests. I love everything beautiful and enjoy these things.

In my shop you get the opportunity to push for these things! Get in, for my monthly beauty treatments or a luxury item that shouldn´t be missing in my collection. In addition you will find on one of my wish lists Luxury life items that contribute to my Goddesslife. I enjoy all of this in its fullest, as they all come from your pathetic losermoney! You work hard, scrub overtime without end, so I can spend your money! Is not life divided equitably? I promise you, you'll enjoy it as much as I do. To watch what it's like to spend on the sunny side of life!

Condescending greetings